Reconciling Work and Family Life

A good balance between work and family is essential if employees are to feel motivated and be successful in the long term. That’s why we offer many different childcare schemes and help staff who are caring for relatives.


We have a crèche exclusively for employees’ offspring aged 0–3. The Four Elements crèche has bright, spacious rooms where children are nurtured based on their individual development.

School holiday activities

In the summer holidays, in other school holidays and on bank holidays, we offer varied, entertaining holiday care for employees’ children in cooperation with local partners. 

Support for staff caring for children or relatives

If required, our employees can avail themselves of the free information and advice service provided by local organization ‘Mobile Familie’. It offers support over extended periods including temporary, home-based childcare when a parent is ill as well as assistance with shopping, transportation, domestic help, holiday care and leisure activities for employees who are also carers for relatives.