Stay Fit

Your health is important to us. We feel a certain responsibility for your physical and mental well being. That is why we created “Stay Fit”, a health initiative that promotes an active and healthy lifestyle with a variety of different activities and events. This includes sporting activities such as running groups, a cooperation with a local gym, and sports groups. We also offer preventative medical check-ups, an ergonomic work environment and a healthy choice of food in our canteen.

Sports highlights

Sports highlights include the company’s annual football tournament and the participation of MediaMarktSaturn employees in Ingolstadt’s half-marathon and triathlon. Celebrations and events organized by the company provide an ideal opportunity for employees to enjoy some time together outside of the office and offer a welcome change to the regular working routine.

Healthy diet

Our canteen “INJoy” provides employees at company headquarters in Ingolstadt with a wide variety of delicious food options. In addition to a healthy buffet and salad bar, our bistro bar serves a number of Italian coffee specialties and light snacks.

Ergonomics at the workplace and medical check-ups

When creating new office workplaces, we pay special attention to the ergonomic aspects and place great importance on creating a workplace that is in line with the latest findings. State-of-the-art office equipment with noise minimization, so-called “think tanks” that serve as a refuge for creative work, and a high level of technological convenience are a matter of course for us.

We offer a variety of preventative medical check-ups that includes not only eye tests and medical advice when traveling abroad on business trips but also vaccinations that provide protection against the latest type of flu or Lyme disease.